Jo-Kay Corral

Experience the Farm!

Experience the Farm!

Experience the Farm!Experience the Farm!Experience the Farm!

Who We Are

Let me introduce myself

Hello Farm Friends!

My name is Jodi Kay McIlhany.  My husband Kevin, and I have been married for 28 years.  We have six children and four beautiful grandbabies.  

My faith and my family are my greatest treasures.

I've always enjoyed caring for our animals on the farm and growing good things in the dirt.  It's a pleasure to share the experience with others, especially the children!  There are so many life lessons we can learn in this setting, not to mention just relaxing and observing the antics of the farm critters.  Have you ever watched two little piglets playing with each other?  It's hilarious!!

If you ever have the opportunity to "Experience the Farm", I highly recommend it!