Jo-Kay Corral

Experience the Farm!


Farm Day-Camp

Hey Kids!  Did you know...

   It takes 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch?

   A horse can't burp? 

   A cow has four chambers in her stomach?

   A pig can't sweat?

   Goats only have teeth on their bottom  jaw?

There is sooo much to learn on the farm!  We'll be caring for the animals, planting some seeds, sifting for worms to feed the chickens, riding a horse, milking a goat, and much more!

Our Farm Day-Camps will run through July and August,  

Ages 5-11

Tuesday-Thursday  (3 days)


*In case of rain, wear mud boots and a raincoat:)

On the last day, parents are welcome to come 15 minutes early for pick up to join us for ice cream and a hay ride!





Registration is $100/child.  A $20 deposit will hold your spot.

Space is limited (10/camp)

Contact us for openings.